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series < tunnel.blick > . < tunnel.view > . 2018

the series < tunnel.blick > (tunnel view) was created in 2018 . parts of it are shown here.  its genesis was the initial concept for raum. & klang.installation in the air raid shelter at wals, near salzburg  as well as the subject area of ‘shapeshifting’ / metamorphosis .

florian boehm addresses among other things questions of perspective & and changing of shapes, analysing people's ability, or will to change.

materials used

charcoal & graphite on hahnemuehle.paper . sheets approx. 78x108cm

see accompanying short text on the exhibition at salzburg kunstverein


bild:gedichte . visual poems

the current series < bild:ge.dichte > is a result of an ongoing intensive preoccupation with the relation between language and the image – in the same way as the raum. & klang.installations examine the relation between language and space. here is a selection from various years .

these works question language and its perception, contrast it with an entirely separate visual space and draw the audience into its apparently (un)clear world.


series < schreibtisch.taten > . 2017 / 2018

the worksof this series (“white-collar crimes” or also “desk-based theory”) were created after 2017 and form an ensemble of 11 cross-referenced works . they are part of a series of sheets of letter.paper in din a4 format carrying on from older works where drawings are interspersed with poems.

the first two drawings ‘friedens.reich im frankenland & labil’ [kingdom of peace in franconia and at the same time unstable’ and’ [] have hand-written poems on the reverse which play on, or are conversations with, persons depicted on the front . the subsequent type.written sheets were further worked with white chalk and some with graphite . these can now be seen next to the drawings .

the other sheets arose as alternating drawings and texts, the rudimentary black figure on blue is made by tracing using carbon paper and the face then further elaborated in white pencil . the carbon paper allows the graphic & linguistic process to be replicated and corresponds at the same time with the drawing in black and red without text.


type.writer . graphite . ink . indian ink . chalk . crownmill letter.paper & carbon paper each 30x21cm

visualisierung aus serie schreibtischtaten - IMG_0550.jpg

#licht&drama . #enlightenment&drama

#licht&drama plakat korrigiert.jpg

digital collages series

the digital collages made in 2016/2017 combine various techniques in a digital picture plane and like bild:ge.dichten [visual poems] consist mostly of language and drawing . the ‘language’ is type-written poems . the charcoal, graphite and indian ink drawings were made in 2016 . digital fine art prints . various formats